We have a top-of-the-line computerized engraving machine that allows us to offer in-store engraving services. Some of the MANY items we can engrave on include:

  • Glass
    1. Picture frames
    2. Shot/wine/whiskey glasses
    3. Wine/Champagne bottles
  • Metals
    1. Tumblers/Yeti’s
    2. Sterling Silver Plaques (retirement/anniversary, etc)
    3. Gold Rings
    4. Piggy Banks
    5. Picture Frames
    6. Stethoscope
    7. Flasks
    8. Pens
    9. Keychains
    10. And so much more!
  • Leather
    1. Wallets
    2. Passport Holder
  • Wood
    1. Small Jewelry Box
    2. Bottle Openers

We are excited to offer Logo engraving as well as engraving a loved ones’ handwriting on any of the above items!

Our services are offered with a general set up fee of $5.00 for items purchased in store, $10.00 for items brought in. Additional fee of 50 cents a letter.

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