Yes, we do! We are a full-service Jewelry store that does all repairs in house, meaning we do not send the jewelry out, but repair it right here in store.

Yes, we would love to assist you in any custom design you would like to create for you or a loved one!

Yes, our jewelers are well trained and able to work with platinum material for whatever your needs may be.
Yes, we would be happy to do a written and/or verbal appraisal for you!
Yes, we have an engraving machine here in store, our staff are well trained in producing a beautifully hand-crafted piece for you.
Yes, we are happy to clean your jewelry free of charge. For just a few items it only takes us a couple minutes and you can browse as you wait!
Yes, we do! Bring in your old gold for our experts to look over and we can make you an offer within just a few days.
Our repair estimates can vary based on a variety of factors, but if you bring in your piece our jewelers can give you a price estimate within a few days.
Yes, we have a master watchmaker in house who can replace your battery within a matter of minutes!
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